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Lawyers.com Review

4.8/5.0 submitted on 05/15/17

I hired Attorney Feldman mid-case; he and his paralegal Sandi worked diligently to remedy the predicament I was in. Attorney Feldman is committed & sincerely cared about the outcome for our family. With his hard work, guidance & encouragement our family obtained the best possible outcome for our toddler who's now thriving !
Atttorney Feldmans knowledge of family dynamics, high conflict cases, his insight & experience allowed our case to settle in the best interest of our child ,Thank you David!

Google+ Review

Posted by Rebecca

I hired Attorney David Feldman to handle my divorce. It was the most difficult and upsetting time in my life but having him as my attorney really helped me to get through it. Attorney Feldman really cares about his clients he makes this process bearable. During the time that my case took to settle David always made himself available to me he was responsive and helpful always explaining each phase of the process. He is knowledge, very experienced and highly skilled. I would recommend him to all of my friends because if they have to deal with this you want someone you can count on.

Posted by Dmitry, a Divorce client

Knowledgeble and reliable lawyer
Overall rating Excellent, Trustworthy,Responsive, Knowledgeable, Kept me informed
I recommend David Feldman.
I hired David 1-3 years ago.
David handled my Divorce / Separation matter.
I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
David Feldman posseses solid knowledge of Family Law. His long professional experience enables him to stay on top of the things when he communicates both with his client and opposing attorneys. In addition, I found him to be responsive and easily available to his clients. It is also important that Mr. Feldman has genuine compassion for people.

Posted by a Child Support client

A Great Lawyer Treat you like family
Overall rating Excellent,Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Kept me informed
I recommend David Feldman.
I hired David 1-3 years ago.
David handled my Child Support matter.
I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
All my first lawyer did was taking my money...As a stayed home mom, I was in desperate situation with my 2 years old daughter feeling anxious, unsecure and hopeless waiting for divorce. Fortunately I found David, he took over my case three weeks before the Pre-trial, requested my profile from my first lawyer, which only contains several pages, nothing done. David is extremely efficient, he catches up all the missing work from my first lawyer and gets well prepared. He is not only a knowledgeable, experienced and responsible lawyer; but also a nice person with warm heart, he offered me tons of free time and big discount, just as he said: " I feel bad about you, I want to help you out!" He is a man with his word, he does exactly what he said. In the court, during the longest and hardest 8 hours of my entire life, David was there for me, like a family. God bless and thanks to David, I couldn't have got what I want without his hard work, experience and negotiation skills. I feel like a winner in the battle. Now my daughter and I are enjoying a new life in Canada, couldn't be any happier.
If you need a trustwhorthy lawyer who cares about your case and treat you like a family, David is the right one! He won't disappoint you!

Posted by Mildred, a Divorce client
Overall rating Excellent,Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Kept me informed
I recommend David Feldman.
I hired David 1-3 years ago.
David handled my Divorce / Separation matter.
I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Posted by Janet, a Divorce client

Thank you, David! You saved my assets!
Overall rating Excellent
I recommend David Feldman.
I hired David 6-12 months ago.
David handled my Divorce / Separation matter.
When I received divorce papers from my estranged husband of 10+ years, requesting 50% of my 401K, retirement funds, health insurance for life and alimony, I reached out to many lawyers in the US by phone and email. David Feldman was the one who responded to me with the most hope. He was very kind and began working on my behalf immediately. In the end, David was directly responsible for reducing my loss to a small chunk of my 401K. My advice to you 1) Get a pre-nup and 2) Hire David Feldman.


posted by Marc

I hired another attorney to handle my divorce but as things got going it seemed the attorney was more interested in her billing then my case. I had spoken to David before making the mistake in selecting this other lawyer who had been reccommended highly by a friend of mine. After David got involved in my case things started moving in the right direction. He is a great listener and he always has his clients best interest in mind. He is not interested like a great deal of these lawyers of running up the bill by fighting and dragging the case on. If you need a lawyer you can trust who will put your interests before their own then this is the lawyer for you.

Great Attorney

Posted by Katherine

I needed to hire a lawyer in a hurry to review a pre-nup because my fiancee's lawyer was slow in preparing the pre-nup and our wedding was fast approaching. Attorney Feldman was able to accommodate me on short notice and review the agreement. He had my best interests at heart and he pointed out several parts of the agreement that were unfavorable to me. Thankfully we were able to work out these issues in time . I would highly recommend Attorney Feldman to any of my friends who need a attorney who is honest and easy to deal with. He explained everything to me in great detail so I could understand what I would be giving up and what I was signing. Thanks Attorney Feldman!

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